Welcome to Misa.

Misa provides work-oriented daycare activities for people with disabilities. Our services are based on the idea that everyone can participate in society and working life with the right support. Through our methods, the individual’s own ideas, interests and resources are utilized.

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en grupp kollegor sitter runt ett bord i soffa och stol bakom de en gammal tegelvägg

What we offer

Since 1994, Misa has been one of the private organisations offering work-oriented daycare activities for people with various forms of disabilities. We have 17 units that specialize in different diagnoses (intellectual disability, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, brain damage and psychological illnesses). What unites us is our belief that everyone can participate in the job market with the right kind of support!We are active in Helsingborg, Lund, Stockholm, Uppsala and Västerås. Misa also offers competence-enhancing educational efforts in methodological work for municipalities, organizations and corporations. We conduct educational programs all over Sweden and also in the other Scandinavian countries.
en grupp kollegor sitter runt ett bord i soffa och stol bakom de en gammal tegelvägg

Misa's three step model

We always follow these three stages with every individual but provide emphasis on specific parts depending on the of each individual case.

How we work

Vocational profiling IconIcon
We get to know the person. What does the person want to do? Together we find his or her interests and skills.
Practical vocational training IconIcon
The person has the opportunity to intern at one or several companies. We are present to offer support. Together we connect workplace and tasks to the individual’s qualifications.
Work IconIcon
The person enters the labor market with support from Misa’s staff that has been specifically designed to meet that person’s needs. For a number of individuals, this will lead to employment.
Methods IconIcon
We use the ISA-method, which is Misa’s own further development of the Supported Employment method.Supported Employment was developed in the United States in the 1970s. It is a well-tested and scientifically evaluated method, in Sweden as well as internationally. We have developed the method to best fit Swedish conditions and labor laws.The work process that we utilize is called the “three-stage model” (see above). In addition to this process, we continually strive to develop new methods and work methods, either as complements to the three-stage model or as stand-alone methods
Our clients and the labor laws IconIcon
Misa’s primary clients are municipalities and employment agencies. Most individuals we work with are supported by the law for support and service for people of certain disabilities (known by its Swedish acronym LSS) or the Swedish Social Services Act (SoL). At the National board of health site you can read about the Swedish system.
Swedish health site